Arthur Street

Project: Arthur Street, Lobby
Location: London, UK
Application Type: Wall Covering
Model: N°37 Pink Gold
Specifier: Morrow + Lorraine - London


Situated in the City of London just north of the London Bridge, 12 Arthur Street is a commercial hub for the city’s top asset management companies. Constructed in 2004, the state-of-the-art office building has been newly refurbished by Morrow + Lorraine with high-end finishes designed to reflect the quality and prestige of its current and future tenants.

Featured in the building’s ground floor lobby, the new metallic and gold design is enhanced by clean, modern finishes. As a central element, Model N°37 Pink Gold from Sophie Mallebranche®'s collection of woven metals is applied in three key areas, providing a visual link that guides the visitor through the lobby towards the offices above. 

Directly upon entering the commercial lobby, the visitor is greeted by the warm glow of the shimmering material covering the surface of the wide reception desk. The edges of the panels are softened through the use of direct, horizontal lighting, creating an inviting, optical focal point in the center of the space.
Drawing the visitor further into the building, the material is again used as a feature wall in the ground floor elevator lobby and is reflected above on the first floor. Positioned at the back wall, perpendicular to the reception desk, the panels remain visible from the central lobby, guiding visitors to the elevators that will whisk them up to their next destination.
Placed in a sleek gold frame, the wall covering panels are displayed as works of art, hung against the wall as a contemporary statement, playing with light and color to enhance the space.

LONDONBarbara Gian