The Aviary NYC

Project: The Aviary NYC
Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York
Application Type: Window Treatment, Fixed Panels
Model: No.23 Bronze
Specifier: Tihany Design - New York, NY

Photography by: George Apostolidis

Photography by: George Apostolidis

Perched on the 35th floor of New York’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Columbus Circle, The Aviary Lounge offers an elite haven with stunning panoramic views of Manhattan. Imagined by Tihany Design, the exclusive lounge combines a refined, celestial atmosphere with an innovative cocktail experience.
Tihany’s interior incorporates soft curves and warm finishes to create a winding, abstract seating arrangement. Lining the perimeter of the space, Sophie Mallebranche® woven metal panels form a long, rectangular structure adding a horizontal element to the panoramic window façade. Framing the magnificent view of the city below, the bronze panels accentuate the subtle finishes of the lounge furniture, marrying the interior’s atmosphere with the view of the Manhattan skyline.

Winding along the walls, the bronze weave extends around the corner to the lounge’s bar area. Following the gentle curve of the space, the panels are suspended from the ceiling, in effect lowering the height and creating a more intimate bar setting. Lit by the warm, dim glow of the central lighting feature, the metallic shimmer of the material contributes a lively accent to the comfortable lounge furnishings, contrasting the winding seating arrangement with a vibrant sense of movement.

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