Nova Building - Monumental Shades

Project: Nova Building Lobby

Location: 79 Buckingham Palace Road, London

Application Type: Window Treatment, Monumental Shades

Model: No.13 pearl white

Interior Designer / Interior Architect: FLINT


Just across from Buckingham Palace in the prestigious neighborhood of Westminster, the newly constructed Nova Building is a bold, daring architectural marvel. The strikingly modern luxury residence is home to 170 apartments and penthouses designed by FLINT with premium materials and finishes to create a truly unique living experience.

While the exterior façade emphasizes a contemporaryaesthetic and unique character, the residence’s interior is designed to replicate the grandeur and luxury of the surrounding neighborhood.

This vision of ultra-modern sophistication is perfectly captured in the Sophie Mallebranche® woven metal window treatment in the building’s reception area. Over six meters high, the floor to ceiling panels line the interior façade in a semi-transparent crisp pearl white.

Reinforced edges create a sleek finish on the vertical sides of the woven metal panels. With extra wires woven along the warp, this type of finish strengthens the edges with a clean-cut, minimalistic look, highlighting the shimmering, metallic weave.

Focus on the polished metal panels is further enhanced by the discreet, custom-made ceiling installation system. Specially engineered to distribute the weight of the panels and prevent torquing, this innovative system of top and bottom support rods allows the material to hang uninterrupted from floor to ceiling.

LONDONBarbara Gian