Goodge Street


Project: Private Residence, Goodge Street Location: London, UK
Application Type: Sliding Panels
Model: N°17 White Gold
Specifier: Rolfe Judd

The Fitzrovia neighborhood, London - situated in central London, nestled between the river Thames and Regent’s Park, Fitzrovia is home to everything from culture to commerce. A thriving district for retail, business, education, and art, Fitzrovia has become one of London’s top residential destinations.

Two blocks from the British Museum, on the historical Tottenham Court Road, the bustle of the streets below fades as we enter this modern residential sanctuary. Clean angles and thoughtful geometric design define the apartment and lead us to our final destination: the kitchen.

Sophie Mallebranche sliding panels accentuate this interior as both space dividers and window shades, adding a hint of subtle elegance to the contrasted modern décor. Each panel is placed with careful consideration as to complement and enhance the space. A single panel in the center functions as a decorative space divider that can be adjusted to separate the kitchen from the dining area and can be drawn back to create a more open, fluid space – an ideal functionality for a small, urban apartment.

The model used in this project is one of Sophie Mallebranche’s most popular creations: N°17 – White Gold, an irregular dense weave of silver-coated enameled copper. The neutral tone complements the apartment’s classic black and white color scheme and acts as an accent piece, bringing an element of textural complexity to the space’s minimalistic design.

Glistening in the afternoon sunlight, each metal wire interacts with the light, creating a luxurious, airy atmosphere. The ever-changing nature of the light that enters through the kitchen window plays with the transparency and luminosity of the material throughout the day. As the light outside diminishes, the apparent density of the panels shifts as they become opaque to outside viewers, allowing for a sense of privacy and comfort come nightfall.


Photo credit: ©KateBerry

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