Four Seasons Downtown NY


Project: Four Seasons Downtown NY
Location: 27 Barclay St, New York, NY
Application Type: Glass Lamination
Model: N°23_OW Bronze
Specifier: Yabu Pushelberg – New York, NY

In the rapidly changing skyline of New York City, the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown New York is one of the city’s tallest residential structures. The hotel occupies 24 floors, each one designed by Yabu Pushelberg to complement the buzz of the surrounding city with luxurious, chic accommodation.

The urban setting of the hotel is artfully mirrored in the ground floor lobby. Tall columns reminiscent of the city’s famed skyscrapers line the main walkway, while stacks of golden bars and modern seating arrangements hint at the success of the neighborhood’s financial industry.

Between the dark wooden columns, floor to ceiling glass laminated panels of Sophie Mallebranche® woven metal line the four opposing corners of the room. The panels are staggered, one overlapping the other to add depth and tie into the modular, metropolitan design. The bronze open weave complements the bronze and gold finishes accenting the furniture pieces, creating a warm, rich color scheme throughout the lobby.

The decorative glass panels offer a refreshing, artistic alternative to traditional wall covering. The delicate weave reflects luminosity into the environment, adding a touch of elegance and intrigue to the otherwise wooden wall columns. Protected by glass, the panels are a welcome addition to this high-traffic area where visitors and diners congregate during the daily bustle of New York City.

Photo credit: Brett Beyer

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