16th Street Lobby


Project: 16th Street, Washington D.C. - Lobby
Location: 16th Street, Washington, D.C.
Application Type: Glass Lamination
Model: N°17 Open Weave - White Gold
Specifier: Robert A.M. Stern Interiors

Situated one block north of the White House and Lafayette Square, 900 16th Street offers newly renovated state of the art office space. Complete with fitness center and spacious offices with stunning views of the nation’s capital, Robert A.M Stern’s design caters to the contemporary workplace, adding tasteful modern amenities to this historical neighborhood building.


The pristine ground floor lobby welcomes the tenants into the sophisticated workplace with cool marbled floors and dark wood finishes. Adding a touch of contemporary warmth to the traditional space, Sophie Mallebranche® panels are laminated in glass along the interior walls, creating a timeless wall façade that leads the visitor back towards the elevator lobby.

The subtle shimmering of the woven metal complements the fluid motif of the marbled floor, allowing a sense of movement to be felt in the classic interior. In a white color scheme, the chosen model, N°17_OW White Gold, adds a subtle warmth to the environment. The openness of the weave renders the material softer and more transparent, giving it the qualities of a tasteful, refined accent piece. Direct lighting highlights the artistic nature of the weave, attracting the eyes of each passerby to the delicate vibrancy of the material.

Moving towards the back of the lobby, the glass panels are found again along the walls of the four elevator cabs. The vertical warp of the weave mimics the movement of the elevator, whisking the individuals away to the offices above.

Photo Credit: John Magor

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