Manufactured with silver-coated enameled coppers and stainless steel, our weaves transform solid metals into luxurious textiles. Specifically created for our atelier, the one of a kind wires composing each weave are designed to expand luminosity, yielding the purest and most vivid colors. 


Woven metal interiors

Our complete collection of engineered woven metal materials for interior architecture applications.
Comprising over 50 color references, the woven metal interiors collection explores the subtle nuances of light, color, and texture in a range of dense, open, irregular, and regular weave patterns.   



Stainless Steel

A collection of resistant, durable weaves designed for outdoor use. 100% Stainless Steel composition. Suitable for window treatment, space dividers, and frame applications. 




Loose, undulating creations evocative of Sophie Mallebranche’s original handmade work.  Hand-woven in a fluid, open weave, this collection captures the immaterial qualities of light and focuses on the liquid quality of metal. Suitable for glass lamination applications.



Special Creations

Special creations are available in a variety of colors, gradings, and densities based on your desires. We work closely with each client to develop a unique custom model that is produced exclusively for his or her use. In order to develop your ideal model, our creative process takes approximately four weeks and includes several phases of sample models for validation.