As an artist, I have designed a handmade process that has now been industrialized, allowing my business partners and I to establish our own unique proprietary production process.
— Sophie Mallebranche

Sophie Mallebranche’s Metal Weaves play with materials and their intrinsic properties to reshape space, sculpt light, and expand the possibilities of color. A talented colorist, Sophie’s art lies in her ability to achieve a wide range of vivid, pure colors with the exclusive use of high-quality metals.

At the Sophie Mallebranche® Company we combine luxury and innovation around the craft of weaving in our own manufacturing facility. Using only the best-sourced raw materials and specialized equipment, we have been able to develop a specific creation process to offer exceptional metal weaves, entirely made in France. Thanks to this, our materials have achieved outstanding aesthetics and meet all the technical requirements for interior design standards. Our metal weaves are now exported to over 40 countries around the world and we work closely with our clients to answer their specific creative needs for each project in an unprecedented manner. 



Stemming from her independent research at the renowned school of Fine Arts, L’École Duperré, in Paris, Sophie Mallebranche’s career as a textile designer stems from a passion for innovative textile materials. 

During her time at L’École Duperré, Sophie focused on refining her technical skills as a weaver while exploring her curiosity for uncommon materials and developed several unique handmade weaves combining stainless steel, tin, brass, and bronze weaves with silicone, silk and linen threads.

In 1998 the Sophie Mallebranche Company was founded, introducing the designer's collection of extraordinary hand-woven textiles to the world of interior design. Used as window treatment and wall covering among other applications, these materials enabled Sophie to realize her goal of using textiles to revolutionize the roles of light and color in interior space.




With industrial force and delicate precision, Material Design Group’s uniquely engineered looms transform solid metals into luxurious textiles.

Prior to production, each of our models is translated from handmade techniques to engineered software that tracks the color and position of each wire. These patterns are directly transmitted to Sophie’s looms where the innovative warp wires work tirelessly to repeat the artist’s motifs.

Constantly challenging the limits of innovation, Material Design Group is in the process of developing new weaving technology to further expand the possibilities of creation. Dedicated to the production of highly intricate and nuanced weaves, these additions to Material Design Group’s mill promise the imminent arrival of stunning new collections.



PRESS & awards 

2016 Best of Year Award
Interior Design Magazine.
Category: Textiles - Residential

2016 NYCxDesign Awards
Interior Design Magazine & ICFF.
Honoree, Category: Building Products

2007 Rising Star Award
The Fashion Group International.
Interior Design Finalist

2006 Design Editors Award
Category: Textile.
ICFF - New York

Masters of Entrepreneurship
Category Independent Designer
Delivered by the French State, at the Senate

2005 Design Observatory Star
ACPI Category: Innovative Material,
for the Plaza Athénée project

2001 Selection by the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs and the AFAA

for the Plaza Athénée project

2001 Volunteer for International Experience
in the Administration [Volontariat International en
Administration] «Permanent call», 2001 fellowship for
the «Incubator» [Couveuse] extra stool prototype, 
exhibited at the Paris Conran Shop, opposite Franck O.
Gehry’s «Wriggle Side Chair».

1999 Museum Expression Competition
Objects for the Georges Pompidou Center, Paris
First Prize