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Sophie Mallebranche

Extraordinary Materials for Architecture, Interior Architecture,
Great Dreamers, Design, Passion, Light, Marvel

Special orders are not listed in the collections. It is one thing for the human eye to be able to perceive 10,000 references, another to name all of them! Through her work as a colorist, Sophie Mallebranche can now propose 900 Pantone reference colors. She is currently developing two new collections.
The first collection is destined for more architectural and monumental applications, a much more technical dimension which will enable, for example, the cladding of a building. In contrast, the second collection is dedicated to much more feminine applications : combinations of natural fibers, with a very fine and aerial execution - So evanescent they are almost immaterial.


Sophie Mallebranche's metal weaves play with materials and their intrinsic properties to reshape space, sculpt light, and expand the possibilities of color.


An Industrial Partnership

The venerable Maison Toiles de Mayenne has been in Fontaine-Daniel for 210 years. Set up in an old Cistercian abbey, surrounded by age-old trees, this is a place of pilgrimage for devotees of the textile arts.
In the heart of the abbey, amidst the traditional looms, pride of place goes to a futuristic device – Sophie Mallebranche’s looms, the implement of her innovative creations.